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10 Advantages or Benefits of Using a Content Management System (CMS)

Let’s have a look at some specific ways on how a Content Management System (CMS) can impact your visibility online, ease the set-up process, and improve team’s productivity.

1. No Coding Knowledge Needed

CMS systems have helped revolutionise web design by allowing non-developers and other users without coding knowledge to build websites. Gone are the days of depending on designers and web developers to build an online presence for your business.

You can manage and also create content, install extensions to add functionality to your site and customise the design of your site— all without any coding knowledge. (It’s critical to remember that most of the platforms do permit you to add custom code in order to get more granular control over your site, too.)

Due to this, users with limited time and technical resources can still build a powerful website for their business.

2. Easy Collaboration

A lot of users can access and also work in the back end of a CMS both at the same time. That means that at any point in a given day, your IT professionals could be implementing security protocols, your marketers may be producing content, and your developers might also be adding custom code to your theme. Actually, they could all be working on the same landing page together at the same time.

To summarise, a CMS can help improve productivity and workflows across your team.

3. User Roles and Permissions

A CMS permits or allows you to collaborate in the safest and most efficient way possible, all thanks to built-in (usually customizable) permissions and user roles. That means content writers, for instance, can have all the permissions they require to write, manage, and also publish content — but won’t be able to significantly alter the site’s functionality or delete plugins. 

4. SEO Features and Extensions

CMS platforms offer a lot of built-in features as well as add-ons in order to help you in optimising your website for search engines.

Using third party or built-in tools, you can:

    • Include breadcrumb navigation
    • Customise meta descriptions and page titles 
    • Add image alt text
    • Choose SEO-friendly URL structures
    • Optimise page loading time
    • Create XML sitemaps
    • Create 301 Redirects

Implementing these best practices will help you in improving your chances of ranking on Google or any other major search engines.

5. Security Features and Extensions

CMS platforms also offer add-ons and built-in features to help you protect your site. Some even provide a dedicated security team. 

6. Predesigned Templates

Usually CMS platforms come with a wide selection of predesigned templates that you can utilise to quickly customise the appearance of your site. They could also have an effect on the behaviour of your site.

For instance, choosing a responsive template will make sure your site looks good on any device, without needing you to write a bunch of code. Not only do templates make a website redesign much simpler and faster down the road, they also save you design time spent before launching your site.

7. Simple Updates

A CMS allows you to make changes on your site easier and faster — from minor updates, like changing the image on your homepage to major updates, like a website redesign. Instead of trying to edit the code yourself or hiring a freelance developer, you can go into the dashboard of your CMS in order to edit and update the content of your website. This allows you to keep your content relevant and dynamic.

8. Blogging Functionality

Blogging offers a wide range of advantages, especially to businesses. It can help in converting traffic into leads, driving traffic to your website, generate backlinks, achieve other long-term results and establish authority in a particular industry. But building a blog from scratch can be a real task, even for experienced developers.

A major benefit of using a CMS is that most provide extensions or built-in blogging functionality so that it’s easy to start creating and even publishing blog content. 

9. Content Scheduling

Scheduling of content is critical to any editorial strategy. While building a website from scratch, you could schedule content — but it may require a combination of tools like GitHub and coding.

With a CMS, scheduling content is as simple and easy as clicking a button. Most platforms give you the option to schedule more than just blog posts. 

10. Easy Access

A CMS platform allows you to edit and access your website on virtually any device having an internet connection. Which is much easier and simpler than the alternative of building a website from scratch, requiring you to be connected remotely or on a device connected to the server.

Additionally, most CMS systems have a single control panel or dashboard where you can access your site’s plugins, content, settings, theme, and more — all from one place. If your site has been growing, you may be required to upgrade to a CMS to meet your needs. 

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