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7 Proven and Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy For Businesses

Facebook still is one of the most popular and widely used online platforms by adults. And the vast majority are using it on a daily basis, which continues to provide businesses and brands with an opportunity for maximum visibility while implementing a Facebook marketing strategy. Usually, the toughest part is just getting started, but we’re here in order to provide you with seven steps to help you in getting your Facebook marketing efforts off the ground.

1. Set goals for Facebook

The initial step to any marketing strategy is to set the right goals. This roadmap will be used as an essential reference in order to measure if your Facebook strategy is successful. You’ll first want to do a little research to set goals in order to ensure your plans are attainable through the platform.

According to a survey by a research agency, it was found that marketers on Facebook had some top goals in mind:

    • 11% wanted to increase lead generation and sales 
    • 21% wanted to increase community engagement
    • 34% wanted to increase brand awareness

So, if you haven’t decided on Facebook goals of your own yet, these survey results can help you get a great start. Additionally, if your company has already pre-set goals, look for how these can overlap with your own plans for marketing on Facebook.

2. Know your Facebook audience

Understanding what your current audience breakdown looks like and who is on Facebook would be crucial in deciding which Facebook marketing strategies you should implement and how. Diving deep into social media demographics is an amazing starting point for getting a general understanding of who is using the platform and even how!

Once you’ve spent time studying that, spend some more time in getting familiar with your own Facebook demographics by utilising Facebook Page Insights

3. Engage with your audience proactively

Like many social media channels, they’re built as networks to have discussions, conversations, and share content. As a brand, you shouldn’t forget that fundamental idea of what makes a social media network. That means engagement and conversation should never be put on the back burner.

Rather than trying to be a community for your audience. Facebook is an amazing place to hold industry discussions or chats, whether it’s with your own customers or a different audience. While Twitter usually gets all the limelight for being a social customer care hub, don’t forget about Facebook too.

4. Schedule your Facebook content

Content curation and creation are crucial components for any social media strategy. On Facebook, you have a variety of choices on the types of posts you can utilise. This ranges from Group to status to Stories. With the availability of selection from different options comes down to the specific types of content that your audience is interested in, which must also be kept in mind while estimating the techniques for marketing on Facebook that work best for you. 

For scheduling content, you have both paid and free options available to you. Facebook’s control panel allows you to schedule your posts right from your own page. Planning and Scheduling your calendar makes it simpler for you to see where gaps are present in your posts.

5. Determine your Facebook ads strategy

Whether you’ve been on Facebook for a while or you’re just starting out on it, it’s difficult to get away from the need to pay for brand exposure.

Nonetheless, growing your brand loyalty and audience doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work hard to earn it. But there is one shortcut that you can use to get there a bit sooner–social media advertising. Especially on Facebook, there are way more than five million advertisers who just have an average click-through rate of 9%. Advertising on Facebook, although simpler, is not that easy. You still have to essentially build your brand and later showcase it perfectly using ads.

6. Encourage employee advocacy

Your employees must be your biggest cheerleaders. According to a survey report, 72% of people reported feeling much more connected to the brand when their employees shared extra information about it on social media. Employees put faces to the brands, making them even more relatable to the consumers.

Your employees are an invaluable asset in regards to authentic engagement, messaging amplification, and social selling. Their services on social media are free, unlike industry influencers.

Don’t forget about the CEO when considering employee advocacy. In the same report, 70 – 80% of customers felt more connected to a brand when its CEO was active on social media.

7. Analyse & Track your results

The last step of your strategy is to be aware of the metrics you identified earlier in goal setting and analyse these results. This also involves determining your ROI. Don’t forget to see how you’re measuring up against your competition. There are softwares available that you can use to directly compare your performance against industry competitor’s data to ensure your Facebook marketing strategy is going on the right track.


You can use these seven steps to begin plotting your Facebook marketing strategy today. If you don’t have expertise in this niche, it’s better to outsource your marketing needs to a Digital Marketing Agency.

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