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Differences between B2C and B2B Social Media Marketing that you must know!

Marketing has changed continuously over the years and as time has gone by, people have started to realize the potential of social media. This has forced organizations to include the aspects of Social Media Marketing in the overall mixture of their marketing mix. After a close observation, it was found that social media marketing was mostly grasped by the companies that were B2C. A large portion of the B2B organizations are seriously suspicious with regards to the benefits that web-based media puts on their organization. As the B2C organizations were the ones to fully adopt this marketing within a short span of time, it clearly puts forth the difference between B2C and B2B marketing.

Let’s take a look at some of the differences between social media marketing of B2B and B2C companies:

Content – Content these days is no longer just limited to words, it can be segregated into audio, visual and interactive content. Even sending messages within the social post is now considered to be content. In general, something that provides value to the user can be treated as content. While B2C marketers think of creative contests, interactive content, videos, GIFs and more. On the other hand, the B2B marketers mostly focus on professional content. B2B marketers generally use specific types of content which can be described as follows:

    • E-Books or White papers: White papers are used to serve an excessive amount of useful purposes for all the B2B marketers. It can also be considered that whitepaper is one of the most widely used tools of lead generation which is the ultimate goal or objective for the B2B marketers.
    • Case studies: This is another effective tool used for lead generation which proves to the targeted audience that the particular product is the appropriate choice for them. 

Channel – With the rapid increase in the number of social channels, marketers observe the niche of the social platforms and try using this in their strategy for better communication. Some of the most commonly used and effective channels for B2C are:

    • Facebook: It is amongst the first and most standard channels that has also turned out to be the most effective. It is an excellent tool for promotion, engagement, and customer support. 
    • Instagram: This channel is mainly used for visual content, making it an incredibly effective tool for B2C marketers.
    • Youtube: Creating interesting and fun videos help the B2C marketers in grabbing more attention from the viewers. These well-shot videos help in putting forward a more polished personality of the company
    • Twitter: Having an account on Twitter comes in handy for sharing real-time updates and with the help of hashtags, companies can become a part of any trending conversation, helping create various out of the box and trendy ideas for engagement.

For B2B:

The 3 of the most widely used social networks that can be focused on by marketers are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These channels are leveraged not only for the distribution of content but also for the purpose of engagement. The dichotomy clearly shows us the differences between the social media marketing of B2B against that of B2C. This is how both B2B and B2C marketers utilize the advantages of social media marketing at its best. 

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