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Step By Step Method to Perform Keyword Research Using Uber Suggest

Keyword research refers to the practice search engine optimization professionals use in order to research and find search terms that users tend to enter into search engines while looking for general information, services or products. This blog gives a step by step breakdown of how to perform keyword research. Let’s get started.

Step #1: Head to Ubersuggest

In the search space, type in a keyword that is related to your industry. It could be on anything that is related to what you do. You’ll be shown a report. Now if you want to do business around the world or are a global company, go to step 2, if not then skip to step 3.

Step #2: Change your location to global

Head to the search bar and change your location to global. Then by re-running your search using global data you can find out how popular that search term actually is in all countries.

This is important for businesses which operate on a global level and have team members and clients who are located all around the world. If you don’t have global customers or clients, then you can stick with doing searches within the regions you serve.

Step #3: Let’s dive into the keyword ideas

In the left-hand navigation, click on “keyword ideas”. Search for the keywords that are related to your industry, or services or products that you offer and also have a high CPC (cost per click).

A high CPC is one of the most crucial parts. This shows how expensive a keyword is to bid on if you would be paying for ads. So these are the keywords you should be wanting to target, use the tick marks to add these selected keywords to your keyword list by clicking on the “add to list” button. If you don’t already have a list, then you will need to create a new one. 

Step 4: Repeat step 3 for all keyword ideas

Towards the top of your keyword ideas report, you’ll find that there are more keyword ideas under the “related, questions, prepositions, and comparisons” tabs. Click here and go through the keywords and pick the keywords that ideally have a high CPC relative to the other keywords and you think are relevant to your business and add them to your list.

If you happen to have a new website with almost no SEO traffic go to the next step. If you already have over 10,000 organic search visitors a month and a high domain authority, skip to step 6.

Step 5: Focus on keywords you can rank for

If your site has little to no backlinks, no rankings, or barely has any SEO traffic then you must filter the keywords in your keyword ideas list. Look for the “page 1 ranking potential” button and click on it. In this space enter your domain name and click on the right arrow button.

You’ll find the keyword ideas list filtered to only show keywords that you have a good chance of ranking for in the short term. This is crucial as SEO is a slow and steady game. While going through the filtered list of keywords, try looking for terms with high CPC, high search volume, and even keywords that are related to your service or product.

Step 6: Check out similar websites for more keywords

Now click on “similar websites” in the left-hand navigation. Then in the space, type in your website URL. You can skip this step if you don’t have much SEO traffic. When you scroll down you will find a list of similar websites. These are those websites that rank for some of the same keywords you rank for and they also happen to rank for several other keywords you don’t rank for. For each competitor of yours, click on the “keyword gap” button that will show you all the keywords that they rank for and you don’t.


Keyword research isn’t that difficult, but it’s not that simple either. We’ve just scratched the surface of keyword research and it is just enough for you to get started with the process. There is much more to it than just going by CPC as a metric.

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