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This Is How Instagram Algorithms Work: How To Improve Your Instagram Story Engagement in 2022!

Most of us have used Instagram either for personal or business reasons, or even both. It’s an amazing platform that helps in visual inspiration, and also in keeping up with everyone from friends to popular Instagram celebrities, and also influencers you may have never met. It has also evolved into a major shopping platform for a variety of services and products.

In particular, Instagram Stories have been increasing in popularity of late. Business owners, and other individuals trying to develop, or grow their Instagram engagement and presence, could benefit from learning more about how the Instagram algorithm works, and how to leverage Instagram for business growth.

Let’s take a dive into Instagram Stories, and understand how to maximise your profile views,  how to turn it into conversion for your business, and how to interpret the order of Instagram Stories views.

What Are Instagram Stories?

In 2016, Instagram took a page out of Snapchat’s play book by revealing their Instagram Stories. Since then Instagram has only increased in popularity. Nowadays, few Instagram users don’t even bother scrolling down their feed, instead prefer to just stick to story viewing!

These Instagram Stories permit users to post short 15-second videos that can only be viewed for 24 hours. If you plan on extending their life, you can save them by adding them to your Instagram profile under the “Highlights” section,  where they will be indefinitely available.

You can add fun images and gifs, utilise their filters, and even add text. Stories give you the freedom to play around with images, stickers, filters, GIFs, text, videos, music, polls, and Q&As. For businesses or organisations, Stories provide an opportunity to share behind-the-scenes content, discount codes, and promotions. They’re great for content that’s a little more casual, or time-sensitive.

These days businesses can also advertise using Instagram Stories. Users will view sponsored stories along with every other Stories that they continue to tap through, so you can reach a lot of users with this kind of ad placement.

How Does Instagram Rank Story Viewers?

A lot of users assume that Instagram displays story viewers in a specific order. According to the product lead for Instagram Home, the profiles that show up at the top of your list depends on whom you’ve spent the most time engaging with, not vice versa.

Just because someone may be at the top of your list of viewers doesn’t mean that they’ve watched your story multiple times or visited your Instagram feed the most. The Instagram algorithm just displays your viewer list depending on who it thinks you’re closest to and your activity.

Your interaction data could come from when you swipe up on an account’s Instagram Story, posts you comment on or like, and profiles you look for in the search bar. This data also tells quite a bit about your social media habits. Your swipes and taps tell the app who you care about most!

Here’s your answer! The profiles at the top of the list have nothing to do with number of Instagram posts, privacy settings, your business account’s unfollow ratio, or number of views — and won’t help you find if you have an Instagram stalker. It’s a simple reflection of how you spend your time while using the app.

How To Improve Your Instagram Story Engagement?

The basic foundation of a successful Instagram account or presence is posting frequently. With time, you will understand how often and fast your audience views, comments, likes, saves and shares your new stories and posts. Till then, all you can do is share high-quality content on a regular basis and hope for the Instagram algorithm to reward you for your output.

To increase the engagement on your stories and posts, which can help you rank higher in the app’s algorithm, you should always post attention-grabbing, crisp videos and photos that tend to offer value to your audience.

If your content isn’t as engaging or strong as you’d like, you can try doing promotions or giveaways encouraging visitors to engage with you. This might mean submitting a question, responding to a poll, or asking them to slide into your DMs (direct messages). Requesting questions from your followers allows you to respond to them directly, hence establishing authority. 

Your content will get better once you devote more resources and time to it. The better content you get out for your audience, the higher your engagement is going to be and the more relevant your posts will be with regards to the Instagram algorithm.

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