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Twitter For Business – Parts of A Twitter Profile

If your brand is on Twitter, it is important that you understand the basics of the social media platform. Here are a few ways to succeed in tweeting for your business.

    • With over millions of daily users, Twitter could be a very powerful tool in order to raise awareness about your business, and also engage with customers while developing leads.
    • Setting up a new twitter profile for your business is actually very simple, but just like building muscles, it needs to be used regularly in order for it to be most effective.
    • Learning how to navigate Twitter for your business can help you go a long way in terms of business growth.

This article is specifically for business owners, or their communications  and marketing teams, examining the advantages of incorporating Twitter into their business marketing strategy.

From pinned tweets and hashtags to social media influencers and Twitter lists, there’s a lot to Twitter. With the correct marketing plan, businesses can utilise the platform in order to boost brand recognition, increase sales, and also improve customer service. 

Twitter is an online news and social media platform where people tend to communicate using short messages called tweets which are up to 280 characters long. After being founded in 2006, Twitter is now one of the most popular social media platforms across the globe.

This could be a very powerful platform to combine with your Facebook  and LinkedIn marketing efforts. Doesn’t matter if you’re new to Twitter or you want to start using the platform in order to boost your business, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Understanding Parts of a Twitter profile

Your Twitter profile mostly consists of six parts: your Twitter handle, profile picture, username, header image, bio, and a pinned tweet. All these elements must work cohesively in order to be an accurate representation of your business.

    • Your @name is your Twitter handle that represents your identity on Twitter. This is the name that is at the end of your Twitter page’s URL and the name other tweeters will be using to tag you in posts. It may be up to 15 characters long and should help people in finding your business easily.

    • Your display name or username, appears at the top of your Twitter handle on your profile and may be up to 50 characters long. This would be the name of your brand or business.

    • Your profile photo is displayed on your profile and in each tweet you post, would visually represent your brand and business. Therefore, many brands tend to use their logo.

    • You have 160 characters for your bio in order to describe your business. Try to include information like  your business hours, location, and website URL.

    • You can also utilise the header image behind your profile picture for highlighting events, promotions, or news related to your business. Unlike your profile picture, this image should be changed regularly.

    • Your pinned tweet is the first tweet people or visitors would see when they visit your profile, so try to make it an interesting one that also represents what’s going on with your brand. Similar to your header image, you can also change your pinned tweet whenever you need.

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