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What Is a Content Management System (CMS) and How Does it Work?

CMS is particularly crucial, considering the fact that more than 68 million websites are built using one. So what is it?

CMS is the acronym for content management system. It also might be the solution you’re searching for to make a website quickly, with limited technical resources and knowledge.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A CMS is a software application that permits users to manage and build a website without having to code it right from scratch, or even know how to code at all. 

With a CMS, you can manage, create, modify, and even publish content through the use of a user-friendly interface. You are allowed to customise the functionality and design of your site by purchasing or downloading extensions and templates, rather than code. You could have multiple users in the back-end of the same tool working  — and much more.

You may wonder how a single piece of software is capable of all of this. Let’s take a closer look at how a CMS works to answer that question.

How Does a CMS Work?

You first have to understand what it’s like to build a site from scratch to actually understand how a CMS works.

You’d begin with HTML in order to add navigation, text, bars, and images, along with other building blocks of a site. Then you’d add CSS in order to style those elements so that they match the unique look and feel of your business or brand. You’d wrap up by writing some JavaScript in order to add some more advanced functionality to your site, for instance, slide-in CTAs. Then you need to upload this HTML file onto your server for it to be filed away in your database.

Whenever you want to make any changes — even simple ones such as updating content — you’ll have to first download files from the server, open them, and then change the HTML code manually. Then you’ll have to ensure you haven’t broken any links or anything else before uploading the files back onto the server.

For advanced users and other developers with experience in website development, building a site from scratch may be the best case scenario. But, for those who don’t have the time and resources, or coding skills to build a website from scratch and also know how to maintain it, they can utilise a CMS for the same. Let’s talk about how.

How to Use a CMS

A CMS is made up of two core parts: a content delivery application (CDA) and a content management application (CMA). When combined, these applications fundamentally handle all the database queries, infrastructure in the back end and code so that you can focus on the front end of your website.

Instead of starting with a blank HTML page, for instance, you can open up the content editor page and be able to add links, bold text, and CTAs, and insert tables and images. All this can be done by simply dragging and dropping some modules or just by simply clicking some buttons instead of writing out HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

To make any other changes on your website, like installing extensions or changing the permalink structure, just navigate to your admin panel and look for the appropriate section. This is CMA in action: all these changes are actually being made in an intuitive interface that hides the code from the end user.

When you’re done with making all the changes, the CDA will take the content you have entered into the CMA, get together the code, show it to your front-end visitors, and then store it. This means that when you want to publish a new blog or post, for instance, you just need to hit the Publish button rather than manually uploading a page onto your server.

That’s CMS in a nutshell.

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