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Important KPIs for Monitoring & Measuring your Content Marketing Efforts

The job of a content marketer doesn’t end after creating a carefully thought out piece of content, or after distributing it to the audience via different channels. However, the most important part of the job starts only after the monitoring and measuring of the content is completed. Only this shows how well the content is actually doing, and whether there is a need to polish it.

There are many different metrics to consider while measuring and monitoring the performance of a content piece, depending on its format, content type and distribution channels. We have compiled a list of 8 top KPIs or metrics to measure your content marketing effort:

1. Page Views:

This is a fundamental marketing KPI which is frequently overlooked. Each time a page is refreshed, it is considered a page view. A high page view count shows that your audience is locked in – and furthermore that they are returning to your content regularly. This is a fundamental KPI, which is unimaginably significant for monitoring performance of specific content, particularly for key landing pages.

2. Average Time on Page:

This is the average amount of time spent by visitors on a specific page. If the average time spent on a page is 30 seconds for a 4,000-word essay, you can assume your visitors are just skimming through the article and not reading it completely. On the other hand, it is more likely that they are consuming your work if they happen to spend more time on a page.

3. Unique Visitors (UV):

If you’re interested in finding out how many individuals have viewed your content inside a given time period, UVs are the most standard method to measure it. Any repeat visits from that same browser are not counted as this can be determined by the use of cookies on the page. Along with calculating your growth rate, UVs show how your content is attracting a new audience.

4. Bounce Rate:

This metric estimates the percentage of visitors coming to your site and leaving after viewing one page. This helps in understanding the number of users lost because what they expected wasn’t delivered after they clicked on the page. This can be referred to as a high bounce rate KPI.


The more your audience believes your content is worth sharing and valuable, the higher the share count goes. It helps in understanding the type of content people like to share. This is a kind of word-of-mouth referral and is a natural content promotion KPI which you should strive for. People share content for various reasons. Some of these are for entertainment, social validation, beliefs and causes, practical value, incentive, interest, aesthetics, etc.

6. Demographics:

With Google Analytics providing valuable information like gender, audience age, and general interests. It makes it possible to target your marketing efforts more effectively.

7. Geography:

Google Analytics gives page level details of geographical information about visitors, which in return helps you in optimising the locations that are most important to your business.


One-way communication carried out by brands in olden times has been changed by the advancements in technology. Nowadays, everything you add to your online persona becomes a two-way conversation in the digital world. In case of both, a social media post and a website, comments show how your content resonates with viewers. When people comment on your content, this shows that your content is impactful and they also want to contribute to it.

Measuring and monitoring your marketing KPIs can help substantiate everything you do as a digital marketer. In present times you have more opportunity for achieving transparency in your marketing efforts, thanks to the countless tracking tools available today. Tracking these KPIs will inform you all about your marketing failures so that you can achieve better results by fixing them for better results in the future.

These KPIs should be monitored regularly, having an expert opinion on how to use this data to grow your customer base is crucial.

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