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What’s in Store for the SEOs with the New Google AI Search Engine?

From the famous quote by Heraclitus, who was a Greek philosopher, we can understand that “CHANGE happens to be the only CONSTANT thing in the world!

The New Google AI Search Engine

Google AI Search Engine has now been releasing answers that are AI-generated within the search results while users ask specific questions. And this isn’t halting just at this place. This is even resulting in affecting the transactional searches too. What is the coolest thing about such result(s) is that users can now go & ask follow-up questions and also have Google filtering their search results.

For instance, if a user prefers a product that meets the search criteria plus, he is also looking for some particular color, then Google filters the search result and shows him exactly what he’s looking for! The finest part is that users do not have to start the searches from scratch again. The filtering feature is similar to the filter results on any regular eCommerce website. 

What Does the New Google AI Search Engine Mean for SEO?

In regard to the new Google AI Search Engine, most SEO professionals are kind of freaking out! This is because the 1st thing coming to their mind is that Google will be taking away their traffic. And somewhat yes, SEOs can probably lose some of their traffic owing to this.

However, at the same time, this will also make for a better user experience, which will tend to lead to the overall traffic & usage going up for Google, which would help the SEOs continue getting great traffic from Google and probably even more. Whether a user is searching for a stock quotation, some definition, or even asking Google about some mathematical problem; Google just shows the ideal answer. 

What Does the New Google AI Search Engine Mean for paid Ads?

Google is continuously making alterations & many more are going to come over the subsequent years. All this is not happening for the sake that they do not want to keep users on Google, but they want them to have the best experience while they search for anything on Google. And while Google is doing so, professionals got freaked out thinking SEO is dead now, but it isn’t! SEO is here to stay! 

Google has been making a lot each year in revenue from the ads shown on the network sites, which are broadly the websites that run AdSense. If Google stops sending such traffic via SEO to publishers, their revenue tank would shrink, and in turn, their stock price would stumble down. So, there is no chance that SEO is ending! However, the focus has not been shifted more towards organic traffic (SEO & social media). These alterations that Google is making with the new Google AI Search Engine must help paid ads as well. Many queries which have been affected wouldn’t be the transactional keywords like “a good bike for a five-mile commute with the hills.” They would be integrating the paid ads into the areas for generating more income. 

Widepool Can Give You the Best Bet!

As users, we must all learn to live with both, the paid ads results as well as the SEO results on Google’s search result pages with the new Google AI Search Engine. While all this is happening, and you are looking for the finest SEO services, then you can bank upon the services of Widepool in this regard.

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