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6 Things You Should Know about Online Paid Ads

Organic SEO and content marketing can get your business noticed, but growth also requires investment. Online paid advertising is a useful method to drive traffic to your website and secure leads. Online paid advertising is a big business. Whether it is digital advertising or search engine optimization, there are countless ways by which businesses can use online paid advertising to reach their target market!

Online Paid Ads

Online paid advertising is a form of marketing that allows businesses to reach potential customers through online channels. This type of marketing is becoming more and more common, as it allows businesses to target their audiences in a way that’s convenient for them. Paid online advertising can be used to advertise your business both directly and indirectly via other platforms such as social media sites or search engines. Regardless of the platform, online paid advertising can be broken down into two main categories: direct advertising and indirect advertising. Direct advertising refers to advertisements that are placed on websites and app pages directly. This type of advertising is the most visible and is most commonly used. Indirect advertising, on the other hand, refers to advertisements that are placed on third-party websites and apps. This type of advertising is often more successful because it reaches a larger audience.

6 Must-Known Things about Paid Online Advertising 

Things every future advertiser should know about paid online advertising include the following:

  1. Bidding Strategy: The 2 predominant bidding avenues are as follows:
    1. Cost-Per-Mille (CPM) or Cost-Per-Thousand
    2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  2. Paid Ads’ Format: Paid advertisements are usually split into 2 different formats, which help in determining how the viewers are going to see them; as follows:
    1. Search Advertisements: They show up on the search engines’ results pages, and they mostly blend with the search results, slightly differentiating themselves by small messages saying “sponsored” or “ad.”
    2. Display Advertisements: They appear around the content on different website pages and not on the search results pages.
  3. Available Advertising Network(s): The most popular ones are as follows:
    1. Google 
    2. Bing
    3. Social Media
    4. Amazon
  4. Head against Long-Tail Keywords: The long-tail keywords usually have lesser competition, are they tend to be far more affordable, and are very much effective at the same time.
  5. Targeting: It is very much crucial to understand your target audience.
  6. Landing Webpages: These capture viewers’ attention and help in connecting them to your website(s). Landing pages must have the following:
    1. Interest-Grabbing Headlines
    2. Functional Layouts
    3. CTA or Call-To-Action

Give Your Online Marketing Campaigns a Boost with Widepool’s Paid Advertising Services

Online paid advertising is a big business and there are a number of things every future advertiser should know about it. Direct advertising is the most visible form of online paid advertising and it is most commonly used. So, as you dive into paid advertising, you can see a healthy development in your marketing campaign(s). Skilled support can catalyze your marketing even further, and with Widepool’s exemplary paid ads processes, advertising will become a science. You can avail of Widepool’s paid advertising services to boost your business in the online marketplace.

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