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All You Need to Know about Stationary Design

What Is Stationery?

What Is Stationery Design?

Stationery Design Types

Widepool Stationery Design Services

Stationery design is basically the application of custom graphics to various items like the company logo, company name, company’s slogan, and other graphical elements as a part of any business’s branding strategy, for aligning them with the brand’s overall image that it portrays. If you can do it right, this is a great way to stand out among your competitors. These go a long way in getting noticed by clients and/or customers because it shows that you care about what you are doing for them. It also speaks of credibility for your brand as it shows the time invested in the same because a lot of effort goes into creating something that looks good and has a meaning too behind it. These design elements resonate and connect with the clients and/or customers as much as the design itself does! You have to be interested in making things better for people and not just putting stuff together that looks pretty on the surface.

What Is Stationery?

From business cards to note cards, to letterheads, to envelopes and portfolios; there can be a multitude of items to design that match your brand’s image. Also, think about your mail: do you have some personal and/or professional elements added to it, which resonate with your brand’s image? Stationery basically talks all about the designing, functioning, presenting, and messaging of your product(s) and/or service(s) in the same light. When you think of stationery, what do you see? Is it something with an old-school feel? Or maybe something that has a modern twist? If you are looking for something that will get the attention of clients or customers, consider putting a unique imprint on them that defines your brand and its visual image.

  • It is cost-efficient 
  • It is multi-functional 
  • It’s versatile
  • It is customizable
  • Can be used in person 
  • Can be used online too
  • Better than printed material(s)
  • Provides quality branding 
  • Provides efficient marketing tools

What Is Stationery Design?

When it comes to graphic designing, it is always good to choose a style that suits all your branding needs. You can surely save some bucks by going on with an already-existing logo or font, but if you are serious about proper branding, then get it redesigned to match your company’s brand image. Right colors, right fonts, and right everything; all these will set the right tone for your brand’s palette! 

Stationery Design Types 

There are many types of stationery designs, and each one of them has a different aim. From commercial branding items and marketing collateral to company’s event invitations, everywhere brands use stationery in multiple ways. The following stationary design types happen to be the most commonly used ones: 

  • Stenciled Stationary Design Items: With the help of stencils, graphic artists are capable of creating vibrant, graphical images on any type of surface; be it poster board or paper or plastic, or even faux wood, all are used for this specific purpose. Stencils are already printed with a special graphic type, which enables the graphic designers to easily paste the images directly onto the surfaces/objects. 
  • Button Design: By creating buttons with the help of small rounded shapes, graphic artists are capable of creating attention-grabbing graphic designs.

Widepool Stationery Design Services

If you are thinking of taking your brand’s stationery design to the next level, then it is highly recommended to pick up the best tools and expertise for the job! Get the expert heads and specialized hands at Widepool to do the design work for your brand. Ours is a company that provides effectual stationery design services, which you can avail of. 

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