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Characteristics of a Technically Optimized Website

By October 10, 2022 No Comments

What Is Technical SEO?

Search engine optimization is a strategy that websites use to increase the number of users and web traffic. It involves many steps to ensure that your website gets high rankings in search results. The steps are technical in nature and include things like creating unique content, using keywords and phrases in your content, and optimizing your site for search engines’ algorithms. In other words, technical SEO is essential for any website owner who wants to succeed online.

Characteristics of a Technically Optimized Website 

Google primarily focuses on certain bits of information when ranking websites: fresh content, mobile usability, user engagement, social followings, PRs (personal profiles), backlinks from quality domains, and good page quality indicators (GPA). To ensure that Google understands how to find your website on the internet using its index, whether directly or via HTTP redirects, you must optimize your site technically by following technical SEO best practices:

  • A technically optimized website is fast in loading. People are becoming more and more impatient with each passing day, which makes it necessary that the loading time of a website is less so that the visitor does not move away in the blink of an eye!
  • A technically optimized website is crawlable for search engines. Google uses what it calls PageRank to determine which URLs it should access while crawling the web for new information. Search engines make use of robots to crawl websites. These bots follow the links for discovering the content on the websites. There are other methods too for guiding the robots. For instance, one can prevent the robots from discovering certain content if that is not intended. 
  • A technically optimized website does not have many dead links. Slow-loading websites are frustrating. What is equally frustrating is the webpage that does not exist. If any link that a visitor opens leads to a webpage that does not exist on the website, visitors receive a 404 error page. This hampers user experience!
  • A technically optimized website does not have duplicate content. A website must be optimized for search engines before it gets published since this is the only way search engines can easily find the site. In other words, you must create a unique website with content that will satisfy Google’s requirements. Google uses this unique content to rank websites successfully in its search results. To create engaging and user-friendly content, consider incorporating user feedback into your work! This will help you create a high-quality site that Google recognizes as exceptional. For example, if you have readers who suggest ideas for your articles, incorporate their suggestions into your work. This will help you produce excellent content faster while also earning more web traffic from Google’s algorithms. 
  • A technically optimized website is secure. Special pages have been created that link to other pages on the internet using this process; these are called HTTP redirects or Hypertext Transfer Protocol redirects (HTTP Redirect). HTTPS ensures that no visitor intercepts the data transmitted between the browsers and the websites. So, for example, if visitors log into your websites, their credentials would remain safe. You will need a so-called SSL certificate to implement HTTPS on your website.
  • A technically optimized website has properly structured content. There is a fixed format (as it is described on Schema.org) wherein one should give this info so that search engines can find and understand the content easily.

Widepool Technical SEO Services

Although SEO sounds complicated at the first glance, technical SEO actually makes sense if you think about it because it helps online businesses gain visibility and increase web traffic through search engines. By following technical SEO best practices, like creating engaging and useful content, one can increase user engagement while also boosting rankings for your business online. Contact Widepool today for noteworthy technical SEO services!