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Some Key Points Pertaining to Domain Authority

What Is Domain Authority?

DA or Domain authority actually refers to the no. of relevant backlinks (the links reaching your website from some other reputable websites) that your website is having. Domain authority is a number assigned to websites that determines how well your website will rank for a given keyword. To calculate domain authority, Google uses several data points including the number of backlinks from other websites, the age of those backlinks, and their quality. For instance, Google uses backlink analysis to determine if websites link to yours with weak backlinks or no backlinks at all. It also determines if the age of those backlinks is recent or old; older links tend to have higher quality scores since Google penalizes outdated links more harshly than new ones do. If an analysis shows that you have strong backlinks with good quality scores, Google gives you a high domain authority score and ranks your website higher for relevant keywords.

Why Should One Care About It?

Ranking high in search engine results pages (SERPs) is a challenge faced by many websites. Ranking high depends on the number of people visiting your website, the keywords you use to direct those visitors to your website, and your website’s quality. One aspect that affects the quality of your website is the score awarded to it by Google and other search engines for its domain name. The common name for a domain authority score is domain authority (DA). Some of the brands you see online are highly authoritative without even seemingly trying for it! So, if you also wish to grow your website’s SEO ranking, consider augmenting the DA strategy. 

What Is a Good DA Score?

It is not only about the keywords alone, but you must know the fact that better backlinks better the chances of increasing domain authority. This is established via a logarithmic scale. A high DA score means that a website has a strong identity, and this strengthens how well it ranks in search results. In other words, a high DA score helps improve rankings for all of your keyword choices. A high domain authority score is essential for your website to rank high for the keywords that you want to rank for. From Google’s point of view, you look like an established entity worthy of ranking well when compared with other websites. Strong domain authority helps Google assign higher rankings to websites under management by established organizations like Google and Apple. In addition, having a high domain authority means that you can rank well for relevant keywords without infringing on competing businesses’ domains or trademarked names. This increases traffic volume on your website as web browsers choose your site over others when looking for products or services online.

What Needs to Be Done to Raise Score?

To improve the position on search engine results pages (SERPs), it’s important to consider how having a strong domain authority affects different aspects of web hosting marketing. A strong domain authority improves how well websites under established organizations perform in SERPs since it reminds Google that these organizations are stable entities earning revenue from online sales. It also helps these organizations rank well for relevant keywords since it reminds Google that these organizations are reputable entities worthy of ranking highly. Finally, having a strong domain authority makes it easier for you to achieve successful keyword ranking since it reminds Google via analysis performed by web hosting companies that these organizations are successful enterprises worthy of being ranked highly. Heightening the DA score is a variably lengthy process, but you can use the following ways to go about it:

  • First of all, conducting a link audit proves good. 
  • Then, back your website with quality backlinks.

Widepool SEO Services

A high domain authority also helps you achieve a high keyword ranking for your website. DA augmentation might seem tough and complicated initially, but you must understand that several factors contribute to your website(s) ranking, and trying to analyze them all might seem like a daunting task. Nevertheless, once you associate with Widepool, you can easily employ their expert team to the job, and get satisfactory results!

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