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Enlisting the Different Parts of a Magazine Layout

By September 16, 2022 No Comments

The magazine-publishing industry globally is worth a whopping 100 billion dollars and increasing with each passing day! This re-establishes the proven fact that magazines are quite popular even today and being read by a large number of audiences that further demands the regular requirement of good layout designs for these magazines. Designing regular magazine layouts can be difficult, specifically if the publisher doesn’t know the key elements that go on a magazine’s page. So, enlisted below are those elements, which will be helpful for you if you are considering publishing a magazine for your business or a client’s business.

Parts of a Magazine

There are some very crucial parts of a magazine, which are listed below:

  • Headline: The most crucial part of a magazine’s layout design; a headline can be set in different sizes, but it is always good to keep it in a size that is bigger than other elements of a particular page. Headlines must be very interesting, quite meaningful, and highly compelling to augment the reading chances of an article.
  • Introductory Para: The Intro or the Kicker or the Deck or Stand-First, the introductory para is the chief content piece introducing the readers to the article. It should catch the readers’ attention. It should connect readers to the article. It should set the tone well of the article. It should summarize the article. Talking about the font size, it must be smaller than the headline but bigger and bolder than the article body.
  • Article Body: Also referred to as the Body Text or a Body Copy, this is comparatively lengthier and it is basically the detailed content part of the article. A nicely written body keeps the readers engaged. While designing the layout template, one should ideally start with this body text, as it takes a major space on the page. Setting the right margins of columns & rows is important for improving readability. One must be consistent while doing so.
  • Bylines of Writers: Acknowledging the writers and the team(s) is important. For this acknowledgment, authors’ names are written below their article headings, also called the bylines. These can have the same font size as the body text.
  • Sub-headlines: Also called the subheads or sub-headings, these break the content piece into multiple segments. Can be written in the same font as the body text, but should stand out from the body text. So, it is ideal to make them bold to appear as mini-headings. One should not place subheads below images or quotes in any article.
  • Pull Quotes: Also called excerpts or blurbs, quotes make the copies compelling, aiding to convey the ideas to readers. Ideally, these quotes should have a font different from the font of body text.
  • Captions for Inserted Images: These should complement the images, describing them. Ideally, these should be placed below the images. The font size can either be the same as the body text or slightly smaller.
  • Section Heads: These are also called the running heads. All articles don’t need these but some have. Placed on the top of pages, these help the readers for easy navigation. Section heads have to be designed creatively to look good, as readers see them often while browsing through the entire magazine. 
  • Folio: This is actually the way of arranging paper sheets in the magazine, by folding. This has to be designed in a way that doesn’t annoy readers looking into it on all pages.
  • Box Copy or Panel: Panels contain crucial facts about the article topic including dates or statistics or facts etc. This data must be placed in boxes for catching readers’ attention.

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