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Friendly Tips on How to Write SEO-Friendly Articles

By October 18, 2022 No Comments

Writing blogs is quite a skill! Keeping your readers glued to your piece is a task in itself and it takes a lot on the preparation side before the actual showdown! You must think well about the structuring of your online content, and keeping it enjoyable at the same time! If users are enjoying and understanding your article, they would share it with others, which will act as a plus for your SEO rankings! 

Tips for Writing SEO-Friendly Articles

SEO rankings today depend a lot on the content posted! So, if you are looking to improve your rankings with improved writing, then the following tricks and tips can do the job for you:

  • Thinking before writing: Before hitting the MS Word document, it is good if you think – What is that you wish to tell the audience? What is the central question around which your article is going to revolve? What purpose will your article be solving? What do you want your readers to do after reading your page? Think of the answers to such questions before you start the writing game.
  • Devising a structure for the article. For writing an SEO-friendly article, structuring is imperative. Your article must have 
    • An introduction, where you define the topic
    • Body test, which has the main message of the post
    • An ending note with a CTA and/or a conclusion 
  • Using paragraphs with headings: No one’s ever going to read a long-long tale. The attention span of an online reader is very minute. So, break your article into paras, and give a proper heading to each para. Each subheading must show what that paragraph talks about. 
  • Using transition words: Transition words are those that help readers in scanning through the piece and picking up the relationships between sentences as well as paras.
  • Using related keyword(s): Less is more when it comes to adding your post with a focus keyword. If the focus keyword is stuffed too many times, it will make your post boring, and also affect your ranking. Google is also getting smarter, and more intelligent. Write what the readers would like! 
  • Optimizing the length: Yes! Of course, you need to write a minimum of 300 words but keep an ideal length of your article post. Google likes long article posts, but readers don’t; so do not scare the users away and keep Google with you too! Optimize (length) to maximize (SEO ranking)!
  • Linking to existing articles: If you have more posts around one common topic, then interlinking helps!
  • Getting user-end reviews: Nothing better than a user-end review of your post. Ask your uncle or friend or mom or anyone close to you to read your article, and give an honest review! 
  • Adding content regularly: You aren’t dead, so do not appear to be one in front of Google. Keep adding new articles and stay alive for Google.

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