Your Website Is Your Address On The Net.

Make It Look Grand!

We help businesses by building their office on the net!

Why do you spend all that money in making your brick & mortar office look posh? Of course, it is to leave an indelible impression on your customers visiting your office. Isn’t it so? 

If it is so, then should not your office on the Internet also look that grand? This is exactly what we help businesses achieve; a grand office that speaks volumes about your commitment to your business and your business’ customers.

What Our Customers Get

An aesthetic, responsive, dynamic, and useful website that is bound to leave a mark about your business.

Your website will have:

  • User-friendly website navigation
  • Great web design and layout
  • Built-in responsive design
  • Great content & Call to Action
  • Testimonial section
  • Provision for an opt-in offer
  • FAQ section
  • Contact Information

My Website Is My Business' Office On The Web, But What Goes Into My Website?

Every customer has a different need! But, whatever is the customer’s requirements, it broadly fits into 3 broad categories that website development at Widepool Creatives falls into:

Designing a Customized Website

When a particular customer’s requirements are very focused, and they have a certain level of very specific functionality expected from the website, then a customized website needs to be developed to fulfill the customer’s requirements.

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E-Commerce Web Designing

When a customer is into manufacturing a range of products and needs an online means of selling them, or when a customer merely deals with the sales of a certain range of products and is seeking an online means of selling them, or a customer simply wants a website where a user can view a product, understand the product, and eventually purchase the product, then a e-commerce website is what they are seeking!

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CMS Based Website Designing

When a customer has no particular requirement other than that that is generally seen on any other website where information specific to the business needs to be showcased, then this category best fits the bill.

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